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See you how to choose the LCD with professional eye bracket
source:Yongkang Zhida Industry & Trade Co., Ltd    Release date:2018-5-15 10:41:58
  The 21st century is the age of information, the computer has become part of work life, the convenience is general electronic products can't replace. But if we are at the computer for a long time, will bring some "occupational disease". In order to alleviate this kind of phenomenon, many users have installed the LCD bracket, so how do we choose LCD stent? Different professions, the choice of type is different also, kunshan LCD stent merchants help us lists several, specific as follows:
A, the programmer how to choose the LCD bracket
For programmers, securities financial practitioners, client service, as well as the network editor, use the computer at work frequency is very high, and often need more window operation. Generally display requires frequent switching window, can reduce the working efficiency of the whole, if these people chose the LCD bracket, not only can realize multiple Windows at the same time the phenomenon of work, also can somehow the screen switch adjustment, improve the work efficiency of nature.
Second, white-collar workers how to choose the LCD bracket
For some company white-collar or executive leadership, business meeting is the most commonly used laptop. Laptop because of small volume, easy to carry popular, but these advantages are often also became their weaknesses, long-term use of laptop computers easier to cervical spondylosis. So in the case of don't need to go out of office, try to choose ergonomic LCD bracket, adjust LCD bracket to a suitable height; Or use double screen LCD bracket, to expand the laptop to a larger display screen, can not only protect the user's vision, and can improve the work efficiency.
Three, games, entertainment enthusiasts how to choose the LCD stent
For entertainment, games, talent, for a long period of time, chat, watch the video game, easy to muscle fatigue and cause lumbar cervical vertebra disease. Playing games is to alleviate the pressure of the life, must not be allowed to play games have become a burden, for these special groups to how to choose the LCD bracket? Choose LCD stent to fashion, the appearance and practicality is higher, the overall performance is better, price also want to meet the requirements.


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